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                    CHALET ACCOMMODATION


We have three 2 bed-roomed chalets that have a bathroom and kitchenette, plus a lounge area.  



The bar has alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, with light snacks. Solar refrigeration keeps the drinks cold.

The camping area has spaces for vehicles and tents, with a fully equipped ablution block, providing hot showers. Personal 2 man tents are available for hire too.


The barbecue area is good for socializing, enjoying the evening bonfire and barbecuing meat and vegetables.


Activities include, drives, walks of differing durations and hikes for the keen walker.

KACHENGA BUSH CAMP offers two levels of accommodation, chalet and camping. It is all self catering with a central fridge space provided to keep  essentials. There is a bar serving cold and hot beverages and light snacks. Limited safari activities are offered as well.

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